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Tentative tutorial - thumbnails


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This is my second tentative tutorial on the merits of fanart


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Tentative tutorials episode 1


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Alien design

So I have had a bit of a setback in terms of my game designing career. The group of dudes that I have been deigning a horror game with has decided to take a break from designing. 

This happened because nobody thought they had the time, laving me as the only person who actually worked on the project. 

however, I will bounce back and luckily, this leaves me more time to blog. So to start back up, I decided to make this alien design. Just for the fun of it.

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The wizard of Oz

for this character I wanted to create a man who seemed at one time slick and shine, while still remaining nice and approachable. 

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the little mermnaid

 for the character, I wanted to create a woman who seemed to have a life of her own. someone who might be dainty, but who seemed to know that secret that you so desperately want to know. 

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the snow queen

for this character I wanted to create a woman who was beyond reproach. I wanted her to seem almost disgusted with the entirety of the human race. 

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jack and the beanstalk

for this character I wanted to create a man who was a little to sly for his own good. 

— 2 weeks ago
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for this drawing I attempted to create a character who would seem kind and understanding someone to whom you could telkl you secrets, well knowing that they would never leave that parson

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puss in boots

for this drawing I wanted to create a dynamic and fun character who might seem like he could rely on his wits. The fact that it had to be a cat, was really just an added challenge

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the beast

For this illustration I attempted to make a character who would seem menacing, while still retaining some of his more human characteristics 

— 2 weeks ago
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alice in wonderland

I have been working on a new boardgame over the last couple of weeks, which deals with creating a set of new illustrations for existing characters. These were the characters that I came up with and how I thought they might look

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back to it

I have been trying to get back to a more regular schedule of drawing. I am still working on what this blog is going to, moving forward, but this is a step in the right direction. 

— 3 weeks ago
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MORT day 40 - the sleep emporium

“you did?” Desmond asked incredulously.

“don’t sound so surprised” Val said accusingly, pointing a finger at Desmond. 

“we are two resourceful girls. Did you any better?” She challenged.

“No…” I said, rather forlorn.

“Then who are you judge us, we…” Val did get much father than this before Nona finally erupted.

Nona had been standing behind Val, shifting her balance from one foot to the other in impatient anticipating.

“you have to come see this, it’s so cool” she almost shouted at us, from behind Val.

“calm your horses” Val said, but a smile had crept onto her lips, making the statement much less harsh.

“Seriously, this is so awesome, you guys are gonna freak out” Nona continued, as though she hadn’t heard Val.

“you better come along, before she bursts” Val said, glancing back at us.

With that, Val and Nona started to lead the way towards the thing that was obviously breathtaking. The dark had truly fallen by this point, leaving the building cavernous and rally scary. The scrambling of the geeks below created a haunting echo, which took the majesty away from the mall and left it feeling empty and hollow. The only bright spot in the room, besides the ring of Desmond’s electric torch, was the sporadic shouts of “come on guys” that came from Nona up ahead. 

We had walked for a while, when Val finally said “this is it”

We had stopped in front of an empty storefront, where a dilapidated sign read “Sander Stevens Sleep emporium”

“This is the place?” Desmond asked and shone his torch into the store. 

The place was as grey and disgusting as the rest the building. Parts of the ceiling hung down and it had a strong smell of mildew to it.

“this is the place that we are going to spend the night?” he asked again, looking Val straight in the eyes.

“yes, this is the place” Val said, her voice laced with sarcasm. “we also thought you might wanna take a walk with the geek in the morning” she added, with no humor in her voice.

“OK, OK, there is no need to be nasty” Desmond shot back at her.

Val was just about to say something inappropriate, when Nona popped up, out of nowhere.

“what are you waiting for” she asked, her smile widening by the second.

Nona’s good mood was infectious, as we followed her into the sleep emporium, though we had to step lightly to avoid the frozen puddles that were strew around the room. Nona led us through the store, which was enormous, to a small door at the back of the room. She put her hand on the doorknob, then hesitated and eventually turned around.

“are you ready to see something awesome?” she asked, her grin spreading from ear to ear.

“will you just show us already” Desmond said, exasperated.

“OK, behold the sleep palace” She said with no lack of grandior and pushed the door open behind her.

— 6 months ago
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MORT day 39 - the mall

We quickly decided that it would be best if we split into groups, that way we could cover more ground and maybe find a place to sleep before nightfall. We only had a few criteria for the place that we needed to sleep, It should be dry (meaning no ice or snow), it should be relatively safe (no geeks) and it should be somewhat comfortable, since we would have to sleep real close to keep warm. My friends had slept in their sleeping bags the night before and said that it had done nothing to keep out the cold. I had to honest and say the the earlier days exhesions had left my sleep almost deathlike, so I had noticed nothing.

I wasn’t all happy about exploring the mall, it was cold, dark and my ankle hurt. There was a short discussion about who would be going out with whom, but it was decided that Nona and Val should go to one end of the building and Desmond and I would be going to the other end, which secretly made me glad, because I did not want to spend any more time with Val than I had to. 

My bitchyness about having to go out into the mall quickly evaporated when I realized that the place was fascinating, it was like nothing we had it in sector D.

There were nooks and crannies to explore at every turn. Colorful signs brightened up dark hallways and interesting bits of what this place had once been waited around every corner. Each store font presented new arrays of thing I had never seen before. One place had a mess of mildewed dolls staring creepily at you from the busted window, another presented more books than I have ever laid my eyes on, there was was one place that seemed to sell shoes, though the high heels that they had  made them so impractical it made me wonder who would wear thatkind of thing. The whole thing was so wonderful that even the occasional geek wandering about, did nothing do dispel the magic that this place held.

The pain in my ankle was lessened considerably by the exploration, but the hunger became hard to ignore.

Demond and I decided to head back to our meeting spot, when night started to fall, having found no food or any place to sleep. We both dreaded the discussion with Val and Nona.

To our surprise, they were waiting for us at the place where I had collapsed the day before.

“finally!” Val said, sounding exasperated as she noticed us coming around the corner. “we have been waiting forever” 

“did you find food?” I asked excited, hoping beyond hope that they might have had more luck that we did.

“Naw” she said, with little enthusiasm “but we did find a place to sleep”

— 6 months ago
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