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Sylvester Hansen

This is the blog where I share my personal work and my private pieces

Alien design

So I have had a bit of a setback in terms of my game designing career. The group of dudes that I have been deigning a horror game with has decided to take a break from designing. 

This happened because nobody thought they had the time, laving me as the only person who actually worked on the project. 

however, I will bounce back and luckily, this leaves me more time to blog. So to start back up, I decided to make this alien design. Just for the fun of it.

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the beast

For this illustration I attempted to make a character who would seem menacing, while still retaining some of his more human characteristics 

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alice in wonderland

I have been working on a new boardgame over the last couple of weeks, which deals with creating a set of new illustrations for existing characters. These were the characters that I came up with and how I thought they might look

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back to it

I have been trying to get back to a more regular schedule of drawing. I am still working on what this blog is going to, moving forward, but this is a step in the right direction. 

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MORT day 38 - Crazy Larry’s discount hi-fi

“Umm, I think we need to find a place to sleep, and maybe some food” Nona said, tentatively.

“yeah, we probably should” Val agreed.

“you-you haven’t done that already?” I asked incredulous “what have you been doing while I was out”

“we’ve been sleeping, idiot!” Val said, aggressively. She seemed none to happy with the accusation.

“yeah” Desmond agreed, sounding a bit forlorn “ we all had a long day yesterday, after we tended to your wounds, we all, sort of… collapsed. We only woke a couple of hours before you did”

I was honestly stunned. I don’t know why, but I had figures that Desmond would be on top of this, leading me to shelter and food, the way that he always did. Not for the first time, I realized just how much I had misread Desmond.

“anyway” Nona said, breaking the silence “this mall should have some food left in it, these places used to be stuffed with it”

“this what?” Desmond and Val said in unison.

“this mall” Nona repeated, as though it was the most natural word in the world. She looked at our puzzled faces and then repeated “this is a mall, you know, like a market.” She encountered nothing but blank stairs from the lot of us, so she continued “this place used to be where people went to buy clothes and things to put in their houses, like that” she pointed at one of the large broken windows” that used to be a store where people bought electronics”

“how can you tell?” Val said, staring at the large empty space, where the remnants of shelves littered the floor.

“because of the sign above the door” Nona said, confidently.

We all looked up and noticed a busted sign that read “Crazy larry’s discount hi-fi”

“what’s hifi” Desmond asked, looking back at Nona.

“it’s pronounced Hi-Fi” nona corrected “and it’s electronics” Nona looked around, expectantly, but none of us seemed to be getting it. 

“like the scanners” she elaborated after a short while, holding up her wrist for us to see the scanner.

“people used to buy this stuff” Val asked, looking down at the huge lump on her wrist.

“well, no this exact thing, but…” Nona struggled to make herself understood “it doesn’t matter, these places used to be full of food”

“what does that matter?” Desmond said, sounding exasperated “the food would be almost 100 years old, we couldn’t eat it anyway”

“Well, do you have a better idea?” Nona asked, sounding annoyed.

“I guess not” Desmond said and with that we set of into the mall, in search of food.

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MORT day 36 - ankle

I looked over in amazement as Val walked towards me. She looked kind of banged up, but no worse than either Nona or Desmond, who were now standing at the crumbling railing tossing peebles at the geeks below. 

Val knelt down next to me and got an hand under my armpit.

“this is gonna hurt a bit, you cut up your ankle yesterday.” She said, matter of factly, then reading the expression on my face added “It ain’t a bite, we checked”

“OK, on the count of three” Val said.


The force with which Val hauled me to my feet was so intense that my body had no choice but to follow, which it desperately did not want to do.

“YAAH!” the howl escaped my lips before I knew it had happened.

I looked down at my ankle to see that my pant-leg had been removed below the shin on one side and used to bandage up something that looked quite messy.

“Shut your mouth!” Val hissed at me, as she supported my somewhat useless body. “we don’t wanna attract more geek”

“is that even possible” I wheezed back at her through shallow breaths.

“Haven’t lost your sense of humor, I see” She shot back ”that’s good. It’s gonna come in real handy in this situation”

After that, we were silent for a while, as I tried to put my weight on my injured leg. I realized, that if I were cautious and didn’t walk to fast, I was able to walk on my own, which was good, because I hated the idea of having to count on Val for anything. My dislike for the girl was increasing by the minute. 

When I was finally on my feet fully, Desmond walked over, leaving Nona behind to play with the pebbles and the geeks. 

“are you OK, Mortimer? We don’t have to move if you need more rest” Desmond, as always, was looking out for my best interest, something that right now was sorely needed. 

“Yeah, I guess I’m fine, but we just have to take it easy for a little bit” I said, then asked “could you tell me what happened yesterday?” 

“well, it’s kind of a long story, but I suppose you deserve to know”

— 7 months ago
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MORT day 35 - waking

“Is he dead?” Nona’s voice sounded far away, like I was hearing it from the bottom of a well. 

“No, he isn’t. And before you ask, he isn’t bit either, I checked” Desmond sounded annoyed, which was not unusual for him.

“then why isn’t he waking up?” Nona sounded curious, more than anything.

“I don’t know” Desmond said exasperated “he did fight through the day and most of the night, maybe he’s just really…”

I groaned and turned over. Why were they making so much noise?

“look, he moved!” Nona said excitedly.

“I told you, he was just tired” Desmond said, sounding relieved.

“whyrrryoutalkkinng” I drawled, barely making sense of my own words.

“what?” the question as asked directionless into my ear. 

I swatted at the side of my head and produced a satisfying “OW!” from Nona, as my arm collided with her cheek.

“That was not cool” I could hear Nona yell, but I just turned over, trying to get back to sleep. 

The icy tongues of cold that licked down my back woke me, but good.

I sat up with a start, lifting my shirt frantically to get the snow out of there. I finally did, but not before I had been blinded by the morning light. 

I sat for a while letting the my groggy and aching body adjust. Nona was doubled over laughing behind me and even Desmond had allowed himself a giggle as he looked at my confused expression. I was sitting in the same spot I had collapsed the night before, somewhere between the stairs and the balcony, which I now realized wasn’t a balcony at all. 

I took a good look around and saw that what I had mistaken for a balcony in the dark, was actually an archway that stretched itself around the second floor of the building, which, from the inside looked like a market of some kind. Every couple of meters were a broken window filled with the mummified remains of whatever had once been sold here. The whole place had a ghostly air to it, not helped by the scores of gasping geeks below us.

I tried to get to my feet, wanting to check out the rest of the building, but my legs didn’t seem to want to carry me. 

“Let me help you out there, bigboy” a familiar voice said from somewhere behind me. I looked back to see the hulking frame of Val walking towards me. 

— 7 months ago
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MORT day 32 - the sprint

“what… I don’t…what?” I stammered. 

Desmond had just run off. He was going to fight the geeks… alone? What had happened? This was not the Desmond I knew. The Desmond I knew was cautious and thoughtful and reasonable. He was not a vigilante who ran off by himself. I could do nothing but just stare after the diminishing figure of Desmond, as he slowly advanced on the herd of geeks spilling from the building. 

“We should follow him” Val said matter of factly after a second “but we keep a safe distance, we don’t wanna get bit”

“but…” my interjection was cut off my a light scratch in my shoulder. I hadn’t heard the geek sneaking up behind me, but there it was. I must have jumped 2 meter into the air, with a scream that was so piercing that it could have killed the already dead. 

I started sprinting. Not with the fierce bloodlust that Desmond had run with, I was laeping for my life, leaving everything and everyone behind me.

I stopped a safe distance away from the spot where Desmond had disappeared into the wall of geeks. He was no longer anywhere to be seen and the geeks just kept coming. My head was throbbing and my breath was shallow, as I stood there, letting Nona and Val catch up. 

I looked up briefly and quickly wished I hadn’t. The horde had become more massive, it now spilled from the mouth of the building across most of width of the building and almost to the place where I was standing. Luckily they were being slowed down by the debris and vegetation of the square. Many of them tumbled over, bringing several of their comrades with them in the fall, or got stuck, never to recover. But for each geek who was taken out by the circumstances around us, there were 10 more, who relentlessly marched on with their sightless eyes trained on us.

This was it, wasn’t it? This was the end. We were never getting out of here. I was sitting on the ground awaiting the oncoming horde, when Nona and Val caught up with me.

Neither of them seemed to have been in the rush that I was in. 

“so, are you ready to kick some geek ass” Nona asked delighted, as she made her way up beside me. 

“What” I asked, incredulous.

“Yeah, a crew like this, we could take them out in a second” Nona said, sounding confident as ever.

“oh, no you don’t” the interjection, to my surprise, did not come from me. Val was standing behind us, looking at both of us disapprovingly. 

“What, why not?” Nona asked, obviously disappointed.

“This jackass got us into this situation, and now he is going to get us out” Val said, staring daggers at me.

“I am?” I asked dumbfounded.

— 7 months ago
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MORT day 26 - Helicopter


Savior City was a big place, so going from one place to another could take some time. Still, I hadn’t expected the trip to last as long as it did.

The inside of the helicopter was quite large, probably meant for groups larger than ours. Against the wall on either side, were rows of uncomfortable chairs, all fitted with straps and clasps to keep us save. There was netting hung above us which was probably meant for luggage and a bored looking guard was standing by the entrance to the cockpit. The whole thing made me feel more like a piece of cargo than a traveler, but I had strapped myself in never the less.

Nona and Val were sitting across from Desmond and I. They weren’t talking to one another, but that might have been because Nona had started singing some cheery tune that she had probably made up on the spot. Val wore a severe expression and seemed downright hostile every time she looked at Desmond or I, but whenever she looked over at Nona, her features softened. 

I looked over at Desmond. He looked greener than I had ever seen him and beats of sweat were forming on his forehead. Maybe he was nervous because he didn’t like to fly or maybe it was because he couldn’t stomach the mission, either way, he did not look well. I had probably looked better myself, but I was keeping it together, so far. 

“so, where are we going?” Desmond said, aiming his question at the guard. His voice was barely audible over the roar of of the motors.

“sector 66” the guard said, without looking up.

“where is that” Desmond asked.

“will you shut it” said the guard, ad looked up for the first time. I had misjudged the guard, he was not bored, he was struggling to keep his lunch down.

We sat in silence for a second when I can heard Val mutter “like it even matters”

I looked over at her. She had a grim expression, which looked even worse than I would have thought possible. 

“what do you mean” I asked, cautious of where this was going.

“is there really a difference on where we’re going? If we’re going out there, we’re dead. If you guys had managed to get more people, we would have stood a chance. This” she gestured at the four of us “is pathetic”

“hey, no one asked you to come” Desmond shot back at her, clearly provoked.

“actually, someone did” Val shot back at him. “loverboy over here came crying to my friend over there” val gestured at Nona who was still humming loudly “and said he had nothing and no one.” Val said those last few words in a mock crying voice.

“so I came” Val continued “because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my home-girl over there” again she gestured at Nona who had now started making dance moves with her arms to accompany her song.

“Well, that’s great!” and we are so happy to have you” Desmond said, adding a tinge of sarcasm to the sentence.

there was a long stretch of awkward silence that followed that, because What Desmond had said was not untrue, we were, in fact happy to have them.

— 8 months ago
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MORT day 25 - bow your heads

My head was spinning with all of the information once pastor Masters stopped talking. I had to shake my head, just to get some clarity. Luckily I could usually count on Desmond to be a bit more aware of the situation than I was, because once the pastor has stopped talking he asked “what if we’re stranded out there?”

“well, if you get stranded out there, we will know where you are and try and get a message to you about which sector the new mission is being held. With any luck you can find your way to them and become part of their pickup.” pastor Masters said and the added “we haven’t had any problems with that method yet”

from my left I could hear Desmond mutter “because no-one have stayed alive for two weeks straight”

I tried and knock this discussion out of my head. We were going to be fine, all we had to do was survive for a couple of days, how hard could that be?

“OK, if there are no more questions, then, I think we should gather in prayer” bishop black said after a moment of silence, where the only thing that could be heard was the chop-chop-chop of the helicopter blades and some off color cat calls from the crowd.

I couldn’t really pay attention to the prayer, so all I did is bow my head and close my eyes and try to not think of the hell I was about to walk into. I turned the bishop’s voice into drone at the back of my head and I worked up my nerve to peek out from under my eyelids. 

The crowd too, were bowing their heads in prayer, even though they would not be able to hear a word of what the bishop was saying. For a second I had a terrible vision of all of those teenagers now bowing their heads freshly turned and coming at me with carnivorous fury. But that was only for a second.When the bishop stopped talking I looked up, startled. 

My heart started beating faster instantly and my breaths started coming in short quick bursts. Trying not to get light headed I berried my head in my hands. I could hear Pastor Masters Say “so, this is it. we will be picking you up at the same place that we drop you off, so be sure to be there in a week precisely” with that the four of us were ushered into the helicopter.

Just before the the doors closed us off from the safe zone all together, The bishop looked up at the four of us and leaned in close. The racket of the helicopter almost drowned him out as he confidentially said “the dead live, but so do we”

— 8 months ago
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MORT day 20 - the chase

She jumped out of the way and as a result, I landed on the remains of a table, which promptly broke sending dust flying in all directions. 

I got to my feet coughing. The girl was laughing a couple of meters to my right. How had she jumped that far?

“that was fun!” The girl repeated not seeming the least bit remorseful. 

I lunged at her again, determined to catch her and make short process of this little brat. Once again, she jumped away.

This time she landed even further away and was perched atop a mountain of office chairs at the other end of the room. How was she doing this?

I got to my feet and ran at her, screeching like a banshee. She was as unaffected as always. I ended up in a pile broken office furniture and she ended up laughing by the door. 

This game of cat and mouse went on for longer than I care to admit. I would chase her down and she would swiftly jump out of the way. We made it out of the room, then down the stairs, then out of the building all together. She was always just one step ahead. 

When I finally stopped, I was standing in the snow outside of the building, clutching my side and wheezing.

“are you done?”

the question came from atop a boulder to my left. I looked up at her, putting all the hatred I could into the glare. She held my gaze for a moment, the smile never leaving her lips. She seemed to be sizing me up, as if she was making up her mind about something. 

Eventually she jumped down from the boulder and approached me, with no trepidation at all. She  stuck out her hand to me, when we were finally face to face.

“I’m Nona” she said, her smile broadening.

“I’m Mort” I wheezed, still mad, but too winded to do anything else.

“that was wicked” she said, looking oddly serious.

“what is the problem with you?” I said, feeling my temper starting to rise again. “If I wasn’t so… I am going to…”

“no, not that” she interrupted, dismissing my anger “I mean what you did in the cathedral” 

My mouth went dry.

It all came back to me in an instant. The entire reason why I was in this god forsaken part of town and the predicament I had found myself in. Despite myself, I could feel tears starting to well up again. This girl had thrown me out over a 2 story drop, but this was the first thing that really made me feel powerless.

She must have seen the warning signs of my mood, because she quickly added “those sermons are boring as hell, it was nice to see something happen for once”

She looked at me eagerly, but I didn’t meet her gaze. I was trying to figure out a way to leave this place. I should be getting back to the real sector 4 anyway. 

I turned around, paying no attention to the girl and started walking back

The girl said something from somewhere behind me, but I didn’t pay attention. It was getting dark, and I needed to find somewhere to sleep tonight. Somewhere reasonably warm. Maybe somewhere with..

The slap was not expected. I hadn’t seen how, but the girl was now standing only centimeters away. 

“I said, why did you do it?” she said with an edge in her voice.

“what’s your problem” I shot back at her, holding my hand to my cheek. She hadn’t hit hard, but she had still hit me. I contemplated lunging at her again, surely at this distance she wouldn’t be able to duck. 

Obviously me vengeful plans had taken too long, because she leaned in closer, tapped my forehead and said “hey, guy”

“Mort!” I sputtered back at her, barely containing my fury.

“Mort” she agreed “you ran down to stand up to Pastor masters, who is a major hard ass, why?” Again there was this weird intensity in her tone.

— 8 months ago
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MORT day 17 - running away

I don’t know how far I had walked, it seemed like my body was walking and I was just being dragged along behind them. I went in and out of consciousness as I walked, but when I finally came too, truly, it seemed like I had walked as far as I could get and still be inside sector 4. 

I was just outside the fence to sector 3, I could tell by the orange signs that were intermediately posted on the fence. Every sector had its own color. I must have been in a restricted part of sector 4; a place that had been closed off for repairs, but where the construction hadn’t started yet. I could tell because there was no one here and there was only one fence keeping the geeks out. 

The buildings around me looked pretty much identical to one another: huge gray hulks of concrete with broken windows, shattered surfaces and eroded roofs.

I got to my feet, sniffling silently. I needed to find somewhere, where no one would bother me, if they actually went to this god forsaken part of town. The buildings all looked the same, so I just started walking towards the nearest one. It was huge.

Trying to find a hiding place was surprisingly difficult. The building was so stripped and old, that almost every room was nothing more than a cavernous expanse. I was just about to turn around go back into the street, when I noticed a dark archway set into the concrete. Intrigued, I looked through. The fading sun shone down from the broken ceiling on a large dilapidated stairway.

I considered turning around and going back to a more habitable part of sector 4, maybe I could reach home before anyone noticed that I had left… not that anybody cared. 

I wavered for a bit, trying to decide. Then, with a sharp intake of breath, I started climbing the stairs. The hard work of climbing, pushing boulders aside and sometimes jumping the holes in the stairs made me momentarily forget that I was upset.

By the time I made it to the 4th floor I was wheezing and exhausted. I was also scared that the whole building was going to collapse underneath me.

I stood for a second, looking down at the old stairway I had just climbed. I could feel the tears coming and this time I didn’t fight them. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I really cried. I let the tears come and I sobbed in a way I hadn’t done since I was a kid. 

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MORT day 14 - the verdict

Desmond had every right to be angry. 

First I overslept, causing him to miss the sermon and then I pulled this stunt, and neither of us knew what kind of punishment was in store for that. As far as I knew, no one had ever interrupted the sermon before. But then again, I had only been in Savior for 7 months. 

I looked over at Desmond, but he didn’t meet my eyes. 

I was just about to apologize, when pastor Masters walked into the room. somehow the pastor was  even more intimidating this time, than he had been during the sermon. I didn’t think it was possible to me any more scared of him than I was at the alter, I was wrong. 

The pastor took a seat in front of us and cleared his throat. 

“so, what do I do with the two of you?” Pastor Masters said in a terrifyingly steady voice.  

Both Desmond and I were still as the grave. I started to stare at a scratch in the surface of the table, hoping that Pastor Masters would chose to be merciful, though something told me that that wasn’t his style. 

“You” he points a finger at Desmond “were late to the sermon, which you know is severely punished…” the pastor took a breath and then added “and on the day that you were chosen to go on a mission, that was really unfortunate”.

“now you” Pastor Masters moved his finger in my direction “decided that you could what? Take his place” again he pointed at Desmond “if you stepped in” I gulped and looked more intensely at the table. 

“unfortunately” the Pastor continued “this is out of my hands” 

I looked up, puzzled. For the first time he met my eye, but there was no joy there. 

“I have talked it over with the Bishop and he seems to think that what you did was an act of bravery” The pastor looked me square in the face as if to say “but we both know it wasn’t”

“So, he has chosen to spare you punishment, assuming that Mortimer here” the accusing finger came back around to point at me “accompanies you”

I didn’t dare looking at Desmond, this was too good to be true. We were going to get off scott free, we just had to do the mission, this was better than I could have hoped for. 

It seemed pastor Master could sense our elation, because he continues his little rant.

“Now, Desmond” again the finger switched position ”you still have to be punished for your tardiness” with this, A smile crept onto the pastors lips as one evaporated from mine. “You have to do overtime in the sifting hall, which will be every night this week. You will both show up next sunday for deployment where you will be given the required…”

“wait a second” Desmond said in an almost inaudible whisper.

“yes” the master answered, not seeming the least bothered by the interruption.  

“are you saying that I have to work every night. When will I have time to recruit?” Desmond sounded grim, but determined. Pastor Masters’ smile widened, which made me feel sick. 

“oh, you won’t have any. Recruiting is up to this one” he said cooly and pointed the finger back at me.

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MORT day 10 - figuring things out

When pastor Masters turned his back a full blown panic swept through the crowd. Several people started crying, a few of the guys started yelling at each other and some of the more street wise kids set off at a run towards the more habitable buildings. I just stared blankly at the space where The paster had been, not quite putting together what had just happened.

I had been looking forward to Saviour City. This place was supposed to be everything I was dreaming of, you know, sunshine and honey… and now I was stranded in the middle of a ruin, with people I didn’t know and supposed to just “figure it out”.

The commotion around me was getting louder so I deciding that this might not be the best place for me. I started to wander off in no particular direction, hoping that I might find some shelter there.

I had just made it out of sight of the group, when I sank to the ground, next to the remains of a huge truck.

The whole thing was washing over me; the helplessness, the hopelessness and the overwhelming sense that I had been better off with my mom. At least there I had been sure that I would have a roof over my head and something that resembled food every day.

Here I was expected to work with god knows what, in a place that one could barely call a city with nowhere to sleep.

I was holding my head in my hands, taking in deep gulps of air and trying my best not to cry. My mind was a whirl of images and emotions, all competing for attention.

hey” the voice was faint and it took me a while to react.

hey, Mortimer” I lifted my head, looking around for someone. The only thing I could see around me was broken bits of building. I was sure that I was loosing my mind, I turned my head back down, when I heard it again “hey Mortimer, back here.”

I looked over my shoulder and there was Desmond, looking a bit worse of wear, standing on the other side of the truck.

where did you come from” I asked, a quiver still in my voice.

I was on the bus with you” he said, looking me dead in the face.

no you weren’t” I countered. I hated liers, also I had been looking out for him on the bus, and he definitely was not there.

Desmond looked at me for a while, sizing me up it seemed, then relented “OK, I wasn’t on the bus”

then what were you doing in church” I asked, confused.

looking for you” Desmond said, matter of factly.

for me” I asked tentatively.

Yeah, I needed a best friend, and you are it” he said.

Umm, OK…” I said, feeling kind of weirded out.

We stayed like that for a while, not saying anything. I was about to get up and walk away from this weirdo, when Desmond, probably sensing the mood, said “I can help you, you know”

How?” I asked incredulous.

I have lived here a lot longer than you have, I know things. Like what gang you need to avoid and where to sit in the mess hall or when and where you’re supposed to go to work” Desmond listed.

I hadn’t thought of this. With all that had happened, it had never occurred to me that I would have to figure out how to live in Savior… with the gangs and all.

Also, I have a house you could stay at” He added, almost as an afterthought.

I had been looking down at the ground while he talked, but at this my head snapped back. I didn’t like this guy, but it was between this and sleeping in the street.

I got to my feet slowly.

just for tonight” I said, hoping beyond hope that this kid wasn’t as creepy as he seemed.

Desmond smiled wryly at me. He stepped around the busted truck and stuck his hand out towards me.

Or however long you want to stay” he added still smiling.

We shook hands   

— 9 months ago
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MORT day 8 - sorting


I should have known it wouldn’t last.

I was wishing I could have another piece of cake, when I noticed a guy pushing his was to the alter up in front. He couldn’t have been more than a couple years older than me, but he was wearing a uniform and a holding a sheet of paper very firmly.

The guy made it to the alter and a high pitched wail from the sound system quieted everybody.

Hi there, new recruits” the guy said into the microphone. “We are happy to see that you have arrived here in one piece” a couple of sniggers followed this.

The guy looked nervously over the crowd, then gained his composure and said “I am here to give you your sectors and your work assignments. After I have read the final name you will report to the pastor for you assigned sector and he will show you where you will be staying”

well, I guess that’s my cue” Desmond said next to me.

your what” I asked absentmindedly.

My cue to leave, I’ll see you back at sector 4” and with that he got out of his chair and walked towards the exit.

I was about to call out or maybe get a guard or something when the guy at the alter cried out “ Anniston, Taylor. Sector 3. construction!”

It took me a second to figure out what was going on. Desmond had talked about sectors, but he hadn’t mentioned work assignments. I thought back to my recruitment meeting, but the recruitment officer had just told me I was going to become a settler, nothing more.

Panic started to rise in my throat as the guy called out “Cafrey, Jake”.

People were already starting to look around, trying to figure out where they would live and what they would do. I was looking behind me, to four people standing at the back of the church, looking very menacing, when I heard “Dolores, Mortimer. Sector 4. Exterminator”

My head whipped around, to see the guy mechanically reading the list aloud.

He had called me an exterminator. What did that mean? Were I going to be taking care of the rat problems in the city? Was I going to be a janitor?

My head was swimming with questions, none of which I were likely to get answered, as the guy read the rest of the list. All I could do was look around panicked.

I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was taken off guard by this turn of events, several of the kids behind me were looking just as panicked as me, and one girl had started sobbing loudly.

The guy finally finished his list and walked away from the alter. There was a moment of silence as everybody took in what had just happened. Then a commotion as some people got to their feet, confused as to what they were going to do.

sector 4, over here” The yell came out clear in the relative quite of the church.

My head whipped around to see pastor Masters yelling at the top of his lungs. I was standing at the end of a procession of people, all representatives from their own sectors. He seemed to emanate authority, much more so than the small pale woman to his left, who was the pastor for sector 3. I inched my way through the crowd towards Pastor Masters.

— 9 months ago
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